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Do I have to move to get a date?

Yes, I'm finally breaking down and using LiveJournal to bitch and complain and go TMI so there's a cut to protect you if you're not interested.

I am a late blommer. So I have zero experience with dating and sex, forget about it. I'm also gay, so that adds an extra level of complecation. I've checked out several dating web sites and while I've found a few guys that looked interesting, they have come to nothing. I'm been to the one gay bar (that I know of) in town a few times but nothing came of that either. I wonder if the pool in Tallhassee is too small or I'm not trying hard enough. Or are my requirements too high since I'd like a guy who doesn't focus on looks too much, pateince for my lack of experience, and maybe a little geeky too. I'm not looking for the love of my life, I'd be happy with a 'freind with privledges'.

What a pain in the ass.
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